16 Beispiele gelungener Prävention von Krieg und Bürgerkrieg (mit Peru – Ecuador)

3., erweiterte Auflage, 2020

Reiner Steinweg (ed.)
16 Examples of Successful Prevention of War and Civil War
16 Beispiele gelungener Kriegs- und Bürgerkriegsprävention
16 exemples de prévention réussie de guerres internationales et de guerres civiles
ISBN 978-3-00-055024-9

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Prevention, preventive action, is an absolute „must“ in the face of the destructive power of modern weapons. It often seems as if all the parties involved and even neutral actors were losing courage, in view of the threatening violent discharge of tensions. We seem to feel helpless being driven into coming disaster.

But that is not a law of nature, as is shown in this volume by the 16 examples from almost all continents. It also becomes quite clear that not only „politics“, diplomats and politicians, are responsible for prevention. Prevention can also be organized successfully bottom up, by the people – for example, when a civil war is not only to be „put on ice“ for a short period, but must be terminated in such a way that a resurgence of the fighting can be prevented permanently.

16 Examples of Successful Prevention of War and Civil War